D2R Do you have a plan?

The D2R Career Business plan is our twist on a popular theme. A company business plan is nothing more than a map of how the company is planning to succeed. Why not have one for your career? Now you can. For most people the toughest career concept to grasp is simply how to get there. Many of us know what we want, but the plan to take the correct path can be much more difficult. To help with this, …- See more at:

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D2R Resume Design

You’re successful and you have excellent experience. Yes, you know you’re good- but does anyone else? A proper resume is your handshake, your agent, and your marketing department encompassed in one document. We like to call it the vice-grips in the toolbox. Our talented professionals are versed in technical experience of multiple industries. Let’s work to take the first step towards your dream career. – See more at:

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Most people think they are great interviewers. They are under the assumption they are awesome because, no one tells them that they are, to put it nicely, sub par. Don’t make this mistake! Interviewing is no different from being a presenter or speaker. You have to practice and know your end game! With the training that you will receive from our training you will surpass your competition and. – See more at:

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D2R is an effective solution for career seeking individuals looking to improve on their employment marketing image. Our services help to enhance your employment brand which helps you to standout among other candidates

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We surveyed managers from the following companies:



  • The D2R experience far exceeded my expectations! As a Mechanical Engineer preparing for an interview with a leading energy operator, and ultimately an industry change, I wanted to optimize my presentation skills.  Not only did I get awesome feedback before the interview, but D2R also aided me throughout the follow up email process.  I was quickly offered the position!  D2R knows what companies are looking for and what it takes to grab their attention.  The knowledge I’ve gained has not only helped me get the job, but has benefited me in the day-to-day activities of my role.  I highly recommend D2R to new college graduates and friends looking for a new career change!

  • I have really appreciated all of the help I received from D2R. In the beginning of my search for a new career I was applying for jobs, sending out my resume, and kept wondering why none of the companies would hire me. After seeking help through the company, they were able to show me why my resume didn’t work and helped me to drastically improve.  Shortly after D2R’s assistance I received an interview, and from there the company coached me on how to set myself apart from other candidates. As a result I got the job I wanted…

    Keenan Mitchell